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Conservators help to preserve the world’s memory by caring for a wide range of works of art, artifacts and structures which have significance for the local, national and global community. Conservators are skilled professionals who undertake a wide range of activities including developing preservation strategies, undertaking interventive conservation (such as repair or chemical treatments) liaising with other museum professionals and being advocates for conservation to the wider community.

Pathway Highlights

This pathway has a successful track record of producing award winning students, such as Erica Kotze, who recently won the prestigious Pilgrim Trust Student Conservator of the Year Award for her MA Conservation project completed at Camberwell – The Conservation of a Thai Samut Khao Bhuddist Medical Manuscript.

Conservation Staff

The pathway is run by Subject Leader Mark Sandy, who is currently collaborating with the Horniman Museum on a research programme investigating the properties, deterioration, and conservation of Raphia palm leaf used in the fabrication of African artefacts. His team includes Corinne Hillman, whose major research area is the conservation of photographs and Eve Graves whose research interests include European medieval culture and imagery, museology and the history of museums and collecting. Visiting tutors include Leonard Hanson, who is Conservator at the Hulton-Getty Picture Library, Dr. Sandra Grantham, a conservator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, David Collins, A Member of the Society of Archivists who has worked in Sinai, Greece and Finland, and Eleni Katsiani, the Head of Conservation at the Royal College of Arms.

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