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Ayhan Oensal

Mental Images

Mental Images has been developed over two years on a MA Digital Arts program at the University of the Arts London (Camberwell College). It is a participational piece of video art that intends to encourage self reflection towards HIV by including the outside world and the observer in a narrative.

Mental Images consists of two parts. The first part is a thought collector which is basically a website connected to a database accessible through the internet. Everyone who feels like participating can leave a thought or a statement related to HIV. These statements will be randomly included into the narrative, so that the meaning and the relationship to HIV of the narrative is changing dynamically.

The second part of Mental Images is a video. The video tells a story and includes the collected statements from the database. At a crucial moment the watcher will be included into the narrative by means of a video capture and becomes part of the art piece.

Story plot:
The story tells of a nightmare happening between an HIV test and the time when the test results are available. The nightmare intends to describe visually the emotions of repression, giving up, losing control and the fear of dying.

Activism & confrontation, relational aesthetics, emotions, digital responsive art installations

Contextual references:
Gran Fury, Tessa Boffin, David Wojnarowicz, Nam June Paik, Simon Biggs, Camille Utterback


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