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Bob Milner


PEEP! is a project with one mission: change. We need change. We have to change or perish. We have no divine right to exist. We are nothing but sophisticated bacteria. PEEP! can make a difference; it is an evolutionary and continuous process of questioning. We aim to encourage the people of the world to come together, united in opposition to the current system of governance that perpetuates the oppression of the people, by the people, for the benefit of a few people. Life does not have to be shit. PEEP! does not have all the answers. We think that creating a dialogue and fostering the desire for a new way is more important than imposing a doctrine from above. This should be a fun process! We have to laugh in the face of adversity, a much better plan than keeping up the pretense that all will be well in the end; that science will mysteriously provide the answer. You’d be better off trusting in God. PEEP! is an attempt at offering solutions. We have to reevaluate what is important. Making money isn’t. A tiny minority benefit from that scheme. Most people struggle to enjoy the rewards of their labour. By the time you own the house, you’re practically dead. Just about managing every month, peppered with the occasional ‘treat’ isn’t living; it is existing; stuck in the same cycle. Let art into your life! Art has been significant since the beginning of humankind. We need to claim it back from the artificial system we live in. Art can heal the world. We live in a world saturated with visual material; we need to infiltrate this culture to begin to make a difference.


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