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Chris Lawrence


I have spent the last two years studying current television and creating my own re–edits of existing programmes. The aim is to give the viewer the opportunity to see familiar programmes from a different perspective. I am attempting to ‘un–edit’ the programmes to try to strip away the visual and auditory ‘fluff’ and discover the programmes’ core values.

The speed and aggression of modern editing techniques means that the viewer has very little time to digest the barage of information that is being fed to them. As the images are constantly refreshed, strange montages are created and emotive sound and imagery are combined to convey the narrative and more importantly, the tone and moral standpoint of the programme. I have developed various techniques to deal with the different material to create my own view of the original programmes’ underlying atmospheres. By changing the amount and context of information, it allows the viewer to absorb details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

I have tried to avoid making a moral judgement of current TV. Producers are concerned with supply and demand and popular programmes are only a reflection of human interest. This is what I find truly fascinating. Rather than preach to people about what I think they should be watching, I would like to ask them to question what they find interesting about the programmes they watch and why.


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