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Dan Fone

A Questionnaire Regarding the Word All

In my project, I set out to make a history of the word ‘all’. I realised impartation of simple historical facts would not make for compelling art work. I wanted to make something that would require some investment from the audience, but which would still work if people did not want to spend too long with it.

I have decided to approach this by making a questionnaire. People will have the option of completing as much or as little as they wish. My audience will then have the opportunity to help me in compiling a database of thoughts about this word. The project has become more of an assessment of the word’s present state with a view to looking both backward and forward.

I’d like to invoke our old friend Marcel Duchamp and his lecture ‘The Creative Act’. In this lecture he said that the audience has always been crucial in completing an artwork, in the way they bring their own thoughts and experience to it. In this piece I’m making that viewer process the focus of the work. In filling out the questionnaire and subsequently reading other answers people’s thoughts will hopefully become more actualised than they might have been if they had engaged with the work in a more conventional manner.


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