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David Macwilliam


Nonsite represents my Digital Arts research over the past two years. I have been reflecting on how my memories of being an undergraduate art student at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada from 1974 to 1976, relate to my experience as an MA student at Camberwell College of the Arts, London from 2007 to 2009. I have been reflecting on the formation of my identity as an artist, on how a sense of community is created by a school or college within a university, and in particular I’ve been considering the art world as an imagined community of artists regardless of our actual geographical location.

This research has become a memory work. My goal is to create a place for the reader to locate themselves and to help them make sense of the world. I’ve been reflecting on art events, artworks, exhibitions, people and artist talks that I remember from the mid-1970s and how they contributed to me becoming an artist and as such, part of a larger art world and contemporary art community. Within nonsite, I am collapsing my memories of those past events with my current reflections as an online student at Camberwell, an art college in London that I have never visited, yet that has formed a particular sense of community for me.

I have been searching for an appropriate visual form for this project in relation to my written research. One of my challenges has been to determine a design for the content that appropriately reflects and collapses the content from these two distinctly different times: 1974-76 and 2007-09. I have dated each post as part of entry title and made the decision to time stamp the postings in order to arrange the sequence by day and month regardless of year.


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