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Mieko Takanami

mieko-takanamiMatter and Antimatter are two sides of the same coin

My final piece was created from the desire to visualize my thesis: ‘Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin’. Matter is everything in this world that we can perceive, while Antimatter is beyond our sense perception, though it is a reflection of the matter world. I wanted to share this fundamental truth, in which I believe, with a multitude of people. I have examined the outcome of research at CERN and contrasted it with Spiritual outlooks. The phrase is also the title of a series of films I have made. I have focused on the fact that Antimatter is not only invisible but also can’t be touched, it has no weight, no form. In that case the only way to engage with Antimatter is through metaphor or abstraction. This is the case in an earlier video: ‘Number 1 London Bridge’. My final film ‘Optical illusion creates an after image’ evolved from the same thesis. It consists of a series of various shapes and symbols. Each image is followed by a blank screen where after images appear as an optical illusion to the eye. These after images seem to me to be a visualization of Antimatter as like Antimatter they don’t exist.


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