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Nan Zhang

London Impression

The quest for intelligent audio and conceptually rigorous visuals is a journey with no beginning or end. However, I want to explore and identify the city’s visual from an oriental point of view and the relationship between audio and visual (videos, images and typography) via high resolution photography. Experimental audio processing is also important; in terms of motion pictures, audio is the soul. Collaboration has been important and I have interviewed people to further understand their understandings of London.

I aim to make this project describe my impressions of London. This is my first time here and the longest journey in my life, and the cultural gap has had a large effect on me. The impressions of China and London are totally different, and I want to create this video with some oriental elements. The focus of this project is not only the relationship between audio and visual, but also on style. Far more important than the technology involved is how to represent different points of view through the different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the art featured in this project was conceived through a process of research and testing which I hope will identify variations in style, and a unique impression of this city.


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