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Patrizio Spadoni

“The Lord of the Rabbits” – Graphic assets for a rich content iTV game

The basic structure of my project is a matching-pairs (Memory) game intended for a very young audience with a story loosely inspired by Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and Golding’s ”The Lord of the Flies”. I invented a short story about a legendary island inhabited by nice tiny bunnies threatened by an evil presence and nasty predators. The rabbits have to fight for their liberty and their beautiful island. I also envisaged a progressive game design with three main game levels:

First level: The Fight
In this level the player has to clear all the predators from the island.

Second level: Survival
In this level the player has to feed and take care of the endangered baby bunnies

Third level: Victory
In this level the player has to build an idol mask in order to defeat the evil presence on the island.

The player has to match all the tiles pairs in all game levels in order to set all the baby bunnies free in the end. Story text, hints and suggestions are provided in the upper area of the screen and this gives the player the impression of having a real mission to accomplish beyond playing a plain memory game. This is quite unusual in interactive TV casual games and should be the key element that makes a difference in my project.

I ensured all the game assets are compliant with iTV and set-top boxes technical standards for colour depth, size, transparency settings and anti alias management. The game art has been created with Adobe Illustrator and exported as 8-bit and 24-bit bitmaps. Every object in the bitmap has hard edges against a solid color background (RGB value 255 0 255) set as transparent in the first index of the 8-bit colour palette.

Having all the required technical features for interactive TV, this game can be broadcast on an Open TV — compliant satellite channel like BSKYB or SKY Italia.


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