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Tim Pickup

Long Exposure Photography, Video and Sculpture

The final outcome of this project has been to render life–size, full colour sculptures of the space passed through by a human being in motion; effectively long exposure sculptures.

The bulk of my time on the course has been spent working out exactly how to use a mixture of java programs and 3D modelling packages to convert animated motion sequences into a format that can be physically rendered. The final sculptures are constructed from over 1000 meticulously cut out and glued pieces of corrugated cardboard, which are then covered in papier–mache and painted. Apart from being a fun hands on solution, the contrast between the high-tech ‘behind the scenes’ calculations and the low–tech finish adds a friendly element of intrigue to the pieces — just exactly how were they made?

Throughout the course I have carried out experiments in long exposure digital photography and video as a means of checking progress, and have also contextualised my work by examining historical artists and scientists. The key inspiration has been the chronophotography of Etienne–Jules Marey, and the way in which twentieth century avant–garde artists, and in particular the Italian Futurists, interpreted his images almost exactly 100 years ago.

I have chosen to model two actions which both address issues of balance. One piece models the artist falling off a plinth (or has he been pushed?), and in the other the artist vaults over the balcony of a stairwell. Both pieces could perhaps also be read as metaphors for my future life as an artist, which too is in the balance.


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