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Toi Ng


The line of 1000

Toi Ng started studying “The Line” in 1999. This year, 2009, in her MA in Digital Arts, her research continues with “The Line”. By adding the number ‘1000’ into her study she limits the way in which she works… so she thinks…

Finding my Line of a thousand.
A line drawn on paper with pencil.
A line drawn on screen with the mouse.
A line drawn 1000 times.
A line within a space.
A line found in a space.
A line reflected in a space.
A line to react with the space.
A line for I, to be counted within the number of a thousand.
A line moved within my capability at a space.
A line made to be recorded.
A line made to build an illusion.
A line made one lost of balance.
A line made to be shown.
A line a figure is walking on.
A line build for the figure to walk on.
A line taped in a space for the figure to walk on.
A line to tell a story.
A line in the physical space.
A line in the virtual space.
A line when they join.
A line made for others.
A line made by the others.
A line found within a space chosen.
A line within the moment in time.
A line made from 2 turns to 3rd.
A line within an internal space.
A line made from start to end.
A line of light.
A line seen in the dark.
A line making plane.
A line made from sound.
A line made chaos.
A line made to think.
A line tells me my mind.
A line in the view of perspective.
A line of text.
A line that travels.
A line made from a plane.
A line seen by others.
A line to me.
A line of unknown.
A line made from order.
A line of sound.
A line of making.
A line found.
A line reflected to us.
A line playing with loop.
A line to show how I am programmed in the way I think.
A line to build a experience.
A line to illustrate.
A line still to find for the unknown I still have.


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