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The diversity and interdisciplinary nature of drawing, driven by continuing rapid technological developments, invites new dialogues with the critical practitioner and poses particular questions for the artist interested in exploring their ideas through the issues and potential of drawing. It allows initial responses, ideas and imaginings to be manifested both materially and virtually. Engagement with drawing takes place in time, whether the duration is five minutes or five years. It allows one to see the world as it is and as it might be, to think visually and to explore visual languages. Drawing remains resistant to definition primarily because it is fundamental to all creative practice and could be considered as ‘the visual thought process’ exemplified in all of the visual arts. In the making and placing of drawn marks through time based media drawing has ultimately led us to the electronic realm, which in turn continues to discharge responsibility and incite engagement. You will be encouraged to experienced Drawing as visual thinking, unconstrained by means or method.

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Julie McCabe alina antemir Bourouliti Dimitri

Julie McCabe–                           –Alina Antemir–                  –Bourouliti Dimitra

Charlotte Raleigh ELIZABETH DUDLEY jenny wright

Charlotte Raleigh–                      –Elizabeth Dudley–                       –Jenny Wright

Where I am is missing from my view Lucy Bates nick bullions

Leah Newman–                         –Lucy Bates–                         –Nick Bullions

paulina wanowska life drawing Katy stella sestelo

Paulina Wanowska–                       –Pete Cernis–                        –Stella Sestelo

stephen white

Stephen White

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