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Transnational Arts

In an increasingly complex period of globalization, established certainties about the nature of culture, tradition and authenticity are being constantly questioned. The movement of peoples and artefacts is breaking down borders and producing new identities outside and beyond those of the nation state. It is no longer easy to define the nature of the local and the international, and many cultural interactions now operate on the level of the transnational. This pathway benefits from its links with with the dedicated university Research Centre based at Chelsea College of Art and Design and explores a range of issues relating to the theme of practice in relation to dissemination of visual languages and cultural identity.

Pathway Highlights

A series of museum and gallery visits will be an integral part of the course with related assignments focusing on reviews and critiques of curatorial practices. Additionally, students will be expected to follow the Centre’s open lecture series delivered by scholars, artists and curators. MA students will therefore be offered a lively forum for discussion that includes the Centre’s PhD and associate student communities.

Transnational Arts Wikispace

S.Hannant anna marya tompa claudia de grandi

Sara Hannant–               –Anna-Marya Tompa–               –Claudia De Grandi

Gerard-Choy leethomascarpenter_rhernandez_02 R.Yang

Gerard Choy–               –Rachel Hernández Pumarejo–               –Richard Yang


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